How to Post Images

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How to Post Images

Post by Happy Hoppers on Tue Jun 17, 2008 10:27 pm

Images on this site can be displayed by hosting them on an imagehosting website. We recommend using for the purpose of this forum. You will need to register with them in order to create a picture hosting account.

You will also need your pictures already stored onto your computer before trying to upload them onto photobucket. We recommend you set-up a seperate folder in 'my pictures' for your rabbit photographs so that they are easier to find.


Firstly Log In to your photobucket account (you will need to register first if you havn't already).

Click on the blue 'Choose Files' button located under Upload Pictures & Videos

This will open up a window from your PC, select the folder which contains the images you wish to upload and then select your image by clicking on it. Then press Open.

photobucket will automatically begin to upload your pictures

You must the selet the [img] code for your picture....this is the code that will allow it to be posted as an image rather than a weblink

Go back to the new thread/post window that you have opened on the forum. Paste the [img] code into the window

Submit your thread to the forum after first previewing it to check the image size is not too big. Remember to add your text to.

You can upload multiple images into the same thread by repeating the above steps. If you are experiencing any problems posting pictures please contact Admin or a Moderator for assistance. This forum can also host short video clips uploaded in the above way.
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