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Rules for Posting in this Forum (updated 09.04.10)

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Rules for Posting in this Forum (updated 09.04.10) Empty Rules for Posting in this Forum (updated 09.04.10)

Post by Happy Hoppers on Mon Jul 28, 2008 8:36 pm

These are in addition to the forum rules which can be found HERE.

  1. All competitions and sponsored events must have a clearly stated start and end date including a deadline for all monies to have been collected by.
  2. Any event which offers prizes must clearly state how and when such goods will be delivered as well as precisely what items constitute the prizes. The OP remains responsible for all goods until they are received by the winner.
  3. The opening post of all threads must clearly state who the benefactor of the event is. Whilst we will allow fundraising for rescues who do not have charitable status we will not allow the collection of funds for individuals unless we have given our express permission.
  4. The opening post of all threads must have clearly defined rules explaining the entry process and how the contest/sponsorship works.
  5. There must be a designated collector for all monies raised and this should ideally be either the rescue itself or a person acting on behalf of the rescue (such as the OP with the rescues permission). Ways to donate should be clearly stated in the opening post.
  6. Members must have obtained permission from the rescue concerned in order to fundraise on their behalf.
  7. Members must have obtained permission from either Admin or a Moderator in order to fundraise in this section. Permission must be obtained for each proposed fundraiser.
  8. Members may not use this section to request donations.
  9. Happy Hoppers Forums and it's agents accept no responsibility for any undelivered items, fraud or deception which may be carried out by a third party on this board. Whilst we endevour to keep our members as safe as possible we will not be held accountable for any personal or corporate loss which occurs in relation to a fundraising event. For more information on our disclaimer see HERE.
  10. Members must have at least 50 posts (Junior Hopper Status) before posting a fundraiser.

These rules are subject to change at any time. Any fundraiser which has not been pre-approved by either an administrator or a moderator will be removed.

Only those members with Rescue or Rescue Helper status are permitted to start their own threads in this forum. Rescuers or Rescue Helpers still need to obtain permission first, for each and every fundraiser. All other members must PM their fundraiser outline, containing the information above, to either an Administrator or a Moderator (not a Forum Ambassador). We will then start the fundraiser thread for you, but only if we are satisfied with the conditions. No member, rescuer or rescue helper with less than 50 posts may open or operate a fundraiser on this forum.
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