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Until We Meet Again

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Until We Meet Again Empty Until We Meet Again

Post by Happy Hoppers Thu Aug 02, 2012 9:45 pm


By Josephine Ansaldo-Nixon

The time has come to say goodbye. Oh mummy, daddy please don’t cry
You gave to us a life of bliss, please have no doubt it’s you we’ll miss

We are not here it’s just a shell, Lent to us whilst on earth to dwell
All is well but not complete ‘Till you are here again with me.

We hear your prayers each quiet night, you pray for babies of all kinds
Please send them to The Bridge you say, if there really is no other way.

Don’t let them suffer please dear Lord, Is what we hear you pleading for
The strength with which your prayer is prayed
Has helped so many to be saved.

Please make the world a sanctuary, so little ones can happy be
Alas the world is filled with sins, Care not and cruelty sometimes wins.

But you must not abandon plight, the power of prayer is infinite
We welcome new friends every day, and see their pain just fade away.

We see you cry when thoughts run wild; you’ve lost your babies, lost a child
More tears when one by one we leave, and you are left, once more, to grieve.

We are tuned into your heart and mind, as you’re in ours for all time
A bond has formed, a portal forged, the magic key held in our paws.

So dry your eyes and make a wish, with whisker rubs this pledged is kissed
We’ll always be our sad dear mummy, Your little Guineas, Hammies, Bunnies

The day will come when we will be, in heaven with that magic key
And enter Rainbow Bridge together, our hearts and souls as one for ever.

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