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Coming to Terms with Loss

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Coming to Terms with Loss Empty Coming to Terms with Loss

Post by Happy Hoppers on Tue Jun 17, 2008 10:52 pm

The loss of a rabbit can be a truely devastating experience and one that sadly we all, as rabbit owners, will go through eventually. One of the hardest parts of loosing a much loved pet is the feeling that no-one around you really understands what you are going through or how much your bunny meant to you.

Below we have compiled some articles which aim to help you through this dark period and also some links to other empethatic organisations who can help, even if it's just to lend a sympathetic ear.

Please remember that the members of this forum are very much available to guide you through this difficult time so do not be ashamed to share your pain and hurt with us.

Articles on Grief & Guilt
Grief & Pet Loss
Dealing with Guilt

Recommended Reading
When Only the Love Remains
Good-Bye Friend
Blessing the Bridge
Surviving the Heartbreak of Choosing Death for your Pet
When Your Pet Dies: A Guide to Healing

Organisations for Help, Support & Counselling
Animal Samaritans
Blue Cross: Pet Bereavement Support
Ease Pet Bereavement Support
Chance's Spot.org

We strongly recommend visiting www.petloss.com and spending sometime browsing the website

Rainbow Bridge can act as a lasting tribute to your lost friend for you to revisit at anytime. You can also light a candle of rememberance in our group section at greatfulness.org located here and create a lasting memorial site at http://pets.gonetoosoon.org/.
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