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Jasper and Carrot - guniea pigs - Pembrokeshire

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Available Jasper and Carrot - guniea pigs - Pembrokeshire

Post by Nibbles Rescue on Mon Aug 08, 2016 10:54 am

Jasper and Carrot - guniea pigs - Pembrokeshire Jasper Jasper and Carrot - guniea pigs - Pembrokeshire Carrotp

Jasper and Carrot came into care of Nibbles as their previous owner thought they were fighting. In fact they were just being normal hormonal boars reaching adolescence and since coming to us we have witnessed no evidence that they do indeed fight. Carrot is the more dominant of the pair and less keen to be picked up and handled. Jasper although the much shyer than Carrot, he is happy to sit on your knee for a cuddle. Although since being with us they ae both much more confident and happily run over to you for a bit of veg. These boys are looking for a home as a pair as they do enjoy each others company even if they still like to posture at each other at times. These boys are around 18 months of age.

adoption application

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