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Reporting A Post & Admin Edits

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Reporting A Post & Admin Edits Empty Reporting A Post & Admin Edits

Post by Happy Hoppers on Mon Jun 16, 2008 9:54 pm

How & Why to Report a Post
If you feel that a posting contains inappropriate material or subject matter that is in breach of the forum rules we urge you to contact a member of the Admin team via the PM system so that we can decide what action, if any, needs to be taken. Please do not raise your concerns in the public domain of the forum by posting about it nor raise the issue directly with the poster in question as this will encourage an arguement to develop.

Every post on this forum contains an option for reporting posts directly to Admin via the 'Report Post' button which can be found located on the top right hand of the post box and is represented by a red exclamation mark inside an upside down triangle. If you are reporting a spambot which has placed multiple posts on the board then you need only report one post as we will delete the entire account.

Admin Editorial Rights
Admin reserve the right to edit or completely remove posts we deem disruptive, offensive or otherwise in breach of the forum rules. When a post has been edited admin will note this in red on the post. Sometimes posts or threads may be pulled temporarily whilst they are tidied up, content is examined or whilst we decide how otherwise to deal with them. If a post or thread is pulled or edited please do not post about it on the forum but message us by PM with your concerns or questions. 'Why was my thread/post deleted/edited' threads will also be removed.
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