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Our Free-Ad's Policy

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Our Free-Ad's Policy Empty Our Free-Ad's Policy

Post by Happy Hoppers on Tue Jul 08, 2008 3:22 pm

Free-Ads are any adverts which, for the purpose of this forum are selling or giving away rabbits, and are listed on advertisement sites such as preloved, freecycle or free-ads.co.uk.

We do not allow threads to be started or posts to be made about these adverts in the public domain of the forum because we have found members often use this as a platform to criticise and attack the individuals involved, creating disharmony. It can also increase pressure on rescue's, who already have more than enough unwanted animals to contend with because they feel members are expecting them to take-on these pets, many of whom are in no immediate danger. Rescue's have to prioritise and as such they have a waiting list. It is not fair to expect free-ad animals to be able to jump straight into a rescue place when another animal we are unaware of may need it more urgently.

Due to this we will allow the posting of some free-ad animas in this sub-forum. However these postings are at the discretion of Admin and members cannot start threads themselves within this forum although members are permitted to post responses.

However if we find any posting attached to a free-ad listing which goes against the Forum Rules, particularly with reference to attacking or criticising an individual the thread will be locked and warnings will be issued. If we find this is happening repeatedly all posting priveledges on this forum will be withdrawn and contact with the seller may then only be made by PM or email.

How to List a Free-Ad Animafor Re-homing
Fill in the template here and PM it to Admin along with a link to the advert and the reasons why you are concerned about the animal. Admin are under no obligation to post free-ads submitted in this way upon the forum, we will review the information before deciding if it is an urgent case which requires intervention. Remember not all pets for sale/rehoming in the free-ads are at risk and many go on to get good loving homes. There are thousands of animals already in rescue who are not so lucky and need your help much more urgently than the majority of free-ad pets.
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