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Losing A Friend

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Losing A Friend Empty Losing A Friend

Post by Happy Hoppers on Sat Jun 21, 2008 9:10 pm

Losing A Friend

There's a hole in my heart where a bun used to be.
He worked into my soul and is part of me.
His pain is his life and I know what to do.
But when I release him, I'm losing me, too.

The rabbit I cradled three short years ago
is a furry bundle of love and I know
that he'd groom away all of my tears if he could.
He could never help but make me feel good.

It's my obligation to do what is best.
The love of his best friend is put to the test.
It's a wrenching and sorrowful way that we part;
it doesn't hurt less when the head rules the heart.

There's a hole in my heart where my rabbit passed through.
When we say goodbye a part of me will go too.

Amy Waggoner
Happy Hoppers
Happy Hoppers

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