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The HappyHoppers Forum Ethos

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The HappyHoppers Forum Ethos Empty The HappyHoppers Forum Ethos

Post by Happy Hoppers on Tue Jun 17, 2008 10:22 pm

HappyHoppers is a strongly pro-rescue board meaning that we support the adoption of rabbits from rescue centers and the rehoming of rabbits to rescue centers rather than less stringent means like the use of 'free-ads'. We do not believe there is any need to continue to breed rabbits when every year an estimated 33,000 find themselves going through the doors of dedicated rescue's. With the added figures of those rehomed privately and through other non-rabbit specific rescues the figure is likely to be nearer 50,000 if not more.

Whilst we do not expect all our members to necessarily agree with all our views and aims we do expect them to respect our beliefs as guests of our board and to bear them in mind when posting. Threads or Posts which deliberately go against our Forum Ethos with the intent of challenging or ridiculing our beliefs will be removed and action will be taken against the perpetrators.

Here is the outline of our Ethos:

Our Belief's
  • We do not believe there is any need nor justification for the deliberate breeding of rabbits. There are too many already needing homes which just are not available and every new rabbit that is brought into this world is in effect denying another which already exists a home.

  • We do however believe that room exists for pro-rescuers and pro-breeders to communicate harmoniously and to reconcile their differences in pursuit of an improvement in care, welfare & knowledge for all rabbits. We all learn from our experiences and sharing this knowledge may help save and improve lives.

  • We believe in helping rescue's and their agents by offering a means of promotion, fundraising and information as well as acting as a support network and a sympathetic ear when times are tough.

  • We believe in offering the same level of support and understanding to all rabbit owners regardless of their personal rabbit keeping ideals. We hope that friendships will be forged on this site through constructive debate, by being open & respectful to new and differing idea's and by being willing to not only give advice but listen to it as well.

    Our Aims
  • We aim to see breeding/fur/research/meat stock fall under the same regulations as pet rabbits especially with regards to offering adequate living conditions within RSPCA & RWA guidelines and the providing of veterinary treatment to any rabbit that needs it, when they need it.

  • We aim to see tighter regulations around the breeding and selling of pet rabbits to ensure they get the best life possible. We want neutering, worming and vaccinations to become common place among rabbits being rehomed into 'pet homes' and for new owners to receive information, support and advice for the duration of that rabbits life.

  • We aim to see an end to the sale of rabbits in petshops and we seek to actively encourage people to adopt needy rabbits from rescue's instead of buying them and thus encouraging the breeding and selling cycle. We aim to promote the positive side of adoption and the benefits that a rescue rabbit has over a 'sold' rabbit.

  • We aim to highlight the hugely underestimated benefits of owning a rabbit as a companion animal and to show the general public how they can be just as an enjoyable a pet as a dog or cat.

  • We aim to abolish the myth that a rabbit is a cheap and easy animal to keep and that they make a perfect childs pet. We wish to destroy the image rabbits have as a disposable pet that can be easily replaced.

Our overall aim is to improve the quality of life & care for all domestic rabbits.

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