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Post by Happy Hoppers on Tue Jul 08, 2008 6:22 pm

The idea of this section is to provide a space where rescues and their volunteers can post, download and print articles, documents, leaflets, fliers and posters that may be of use in advertising and running the rescue.

Currently only Moderators, Rescuers and those members with Rescue Helper status can start topics in this sub-forum but all members can post and use the information contained within. Rescues are able to use the resources here to aid them in their work and also to post up their own resources for other members to download and print, thus allowing them to extend their advertising area and gain extra promotion.

We hope to develope some blank documents which can be edited in a simple software programme such as Microsoft Word by rescues to allow them to enter their own details and then distribute them, hopefully saving some valuable time and money.

Any members who would like to offer there services in designing some documents are asked to contact Admin for advice or can approach the rescue personally if appropriate.
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