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Transfer of Ownership: Signing Over Form

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Transfer of Ownership: Signing Over Form Empty Transfer of Ownership: Signing Over Form

Post by Happy Hoppers on Tue Jul 08, 2008 7:39 pm

The signing over sheet should be completed whenever a rabbit is handed over to the rescue so that the rescue can claim legal ownership of the rabbit. Both parties should receive a copy of this form and we recommend that it contains the rescue logo on the header.


Transfer of Ownership

Rabbits Details




Neutered: Y/N

Myxomatosis: Y/N

Wormed: Y/N

Other Medical History:

Reference Number:

I the undersigned hereby transfer all rights and claims to the above named rabbit over to [insert rescue name here] Rescue.

I understand that this means I no longer have any legal claim to this rabbit or the right to determine what may happen to it from this point forward.

The liability for insuring its health and well being is now the sole responsibility of [insert rescue name here] who will endeavour to act in the rabbits best interests at all times and upon the advice of a qualified veterinarian.




Phone Number:

I wish to be kept informed of the rabbit’s progress (the decision to retain contact is optional to both parties and [insert rescue name here] retains the right to refuse such information): Y/N

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