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Post by Happy Hoppers on Sat Jun 21, 2008 11:17 pm

We allow the posting of image based signatures on this forum. Many members use this as an opportunity to show pictures of their rabbits and rescue's often highlight rabbits available for adoption through them.

We ask members to remember the Forum Rules with regard to content posted within their signatures.
In order to post a signature image please follow these steps:

  • Create your signature on a picture editing suite such as Photoshop.
    Signatures Sig2

  • Save the image as a .jpeg

  • Upload the image to photobucket following these instructions here

  • Select Edit and then Resize
    Signatures Sig3

  • Please ensure your signature does not measure more than 590x200
    Signatures Sig4

  • Instead of copying the .img code into a new post enter your user profile (located on the upper forum toolbar), select the signature tab (third along) and paste it into the textbox
    Signatures Sig1

  • You then need to enter your Preferences in your User Profile and make sure 'Always Attach My Signature' is set to ON to display your signature on your posts.

If you have any problems please contact either Admin or a Moderator for help.
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