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Dillon a special bun

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Dillon a special bun Empty Dillon a special bun

Post by c.bolduan on Mon May 09, 2016 2:09 pm

Wanted to pace this in the rescue column but don't have access
So we are ending up here
I started to volunteer for animal shelter Cheltenham after D'Laylas death and met many good folks in the last few month.
Also covering nights via my nursing agency to look after a disabled little girl.
Now anyone meeting me for more than 3 times will know I got bunnies.
Ont he second visit these poeple said we got a bunny too.
He really belongs to our middle daughter. The disabled girl is one of two foster children with special needs!
She is now at university and left the rabbit here with us!
Suspect Suspect Shocked scratch
His name is Dillon! After she moved out her room was cold and we thought he may as well be kept as an outside bun Shocked No
I tried to not overrun them but was alerted.
He went and got Dillon in a New Zealand Rex. Ok let's find out...
How old? Very old
Ok how much is very.
Daughter had him for 6 years
Kept wher? In his cage. Purely in cage. Yes . 6 years. What cage? ferry plast...
By that time my mind is going frantic
Is he neutered / vaccinated? Don't know we haven't been to a vet. HBWS HBWS
He is that old he may die soon. .???
He is 6-8 may got another 2-4 years.
Where did you get him from?
Pets at home rehoming section.
By that time I was lost, just lost
Tried to politely make out the needs of rabbits. Provided RWAF and Shelter details.
Came back a few day later and they had decided that they can't keep him. Good!
I by that time had decided to foster him and had arranged with shelter to do so.
Hence I'm back to 3 bunnies.
I know pics will follow may get the done this afternoon. He has been with me for just over a week and has settled in so much
Sore hocks will take time to heal. He learned already how to jump! cheers Wave Happy Dance
Let's see how e can provide a bunny retirement service.
Any ideas and suggestions are welcome as always.

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Dillon a special bun Empty Re: Dillon a special bun

Post by freecycle_rabbit on Mon May 09, 2016 5:14 pm

a very sad story, but at least it has a happy ending.
I've done similar things myself in the past, told people just how much care a bun needs when i see it being poorly cared for, then a few days later they usually decide they cant keep it so i have it.. I haven't yet found one quite as bad as this though.
Dillon is a great name, i have a Dillon Love

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Dillon a special bun Empty Re: Dillon a special bun

Post by gemma997 on Mon May 09, 2016 6:18 pm

Least his last year's will be his best years rather than stuck in a hutch
Poor wee thing

Why not a bunny retirement service every other animal has one, bunaged
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Dillon a special bun Empty Re: Dillon a special bun

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