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God Called Me Home Again.

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God Called Me Home Again. Empty God Called Me Home Again.

Post by Happy Hoppers on Fri Dec 12, 2008 1:02 am

God Called Me Home Again

We had so little time to share,
Too soon, I had to leave.
I know how much you love me,
I know how much you grieve.

I know how sharp your pain is,
I feel the aching in your heart.
My life so quickly ended
Before it barely had a start.

I remember how you held me,
Your smiling face and gentle hands,
You cuddled me so tenderly;
But, God had other plans.

I was your perfect angel,
From Heaven you knew I came,
But suddenly God called me home,
And things will never be the same.

I know you’ll always miss me,
I Know your pain is hard to bear.
Just remember that I’m in heaven
And we’ll see each other there.

So smile when you think of me
Please don't cry a single tear
I’m cuddled now in heaven
By my predecessors here.

I’m waiting here in heaven,
And on the day we meet....then
I’ll be the first to greet you,
When God calls you home again.

Author Unknown
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