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Posting in the Right Forums

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Posting in the Right Forums Empty Posting in the Right Forums

Post by Happy Hoppers on Tue Jun 17, 2008 10:19 pm

In order to keep the forum running smoothly and make things easier for both Admin & other users can members please ensure they are posting topics in the right sub-forums to avoid confusion. Admin reserve the right to move threads they consider to be wrongly categorised and we will leave a 'shadow' thread temprorarily in place to redirect users but it saves time and effort if topics can be correctly placed to start with.

Topics for this sub-forum are those which do not fit into another category such as non-health topics and non-housing topics. We do not expect to see rabbits available for rehoming in this section, see Here and we ask members to post picture threads in the Photoshoot sub-forum Here. Pictures threads of housing and other pets should also be placed in the Photoshoot section rather than here or in the Members' Lounge.

If you have any queries regarding the placement of topics please PM either Admin or a Moderator for advice.
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