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Image Sizes & Content Acceptability

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Image Sizes & Content Acceptability Empty Image Sizes & Content Acceptability

Post by Happy Hoppers on Tue Jun 17, 2008 10:26 pm

This sub-forum is designed for all members to be able to post pictures and images for perusal and comment by other users. As the pictures are available for public viewing they must contain acceptable content in accordance with the forum rules:


  • Should be suitable for viewing by members of all ages
  • Should not be posted with the intent of causing offence or upset to other members
  • Should not be of a discriminatory, illicit or threatening nature
  • Should be of a size which does not impair viewing of the forum nor distort the boundaries of the post box
  • Should contain a warning in the title should it include graphic or upsetting imagery shown as *Content Warning*

This forum may contain pictures of other animals/pets, accomodation, people, holidays etc. as opposed to posting these in General Chat. Picture threads found posted elsewhere will be moved into this sub-forum.

Image Sizing
Large images can be disruptive to the viewing of the forum and annoying for those trying to read as they often distort the boundaries of the forums standard post boxes. It is possible to resize images in photobucket if they appear too big upon a preview. This can be done by:

Selecting Edit for the image you wish to resize
Image Sizes & Content Acceptability PBsize1

Choose the resize option
Image Sizes & Content Acceptability PBsize2

Edit the dimensions of your picture manually here, make sure the 'Keep Proportions' option is ticked
Image Sizes & Content Acceptability PBsize3

Apply the changes to you image
Image Sizes & Content Acceptability PBsize4

You can then either replace the image or save a smaller copy
Image Sizes & Content Acceptability PBsize5

Finally copy the [img] code into your forum post window
Image Sizes & Content Acceptability PBsize6

This should give you your newly resized image. As always if you have any problems feel free to contact a member of Admin or a Moderator for assistance.
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