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Post by Velvet.Tears on Wed Aug 25, 2010 11:13 pm

Right so i'll start by telling you before I even thought of getting a rabbit. In Early Feb 2006 my Nan was rushed into hospital whilst I was on holiday and then a week later I got back and went to vist my Nan in hospital and the doctors took me and my Mum into another room and told us that she had a tumour on the brain, a tumour on her chest wall and a blood clot in her lungs then they told us she had 3 days left to live. My heart sank. 4 days later we were visiting and I just could sense "death" lingering around her that day so I told my Mum look she is going to go any minute now and I don't want to see her go (I wish I stayed though now). We had just got back to the house about 40 minutes later and the hospital rang and told us she took a turn for the worse, a neighbour kindly took us down and we arrived 10 minutes later. We just walked into the ward and the nurse told us she had just passed moments before we arrived. I broke down and collapsed on the floor, my world had just been shattered. Your probably wondering what this all had to do with getting my first rabbit, well after my Nan died for the next 5 months up until the house was sold my Mum was staying at her boyfriends and I was left to grieve on my own because my mum thought i'd be "fine". The day of my 17th birthday arrived in April and I got some money so i went into town and I always went pets at home to look at the animals because I also had 2 hamsters at the time. I was looking at the rabbits and I fell in love with Paris she come up to me and I asked if I could hold her and she gripped so tightly and didnt want me to let her go so I bought I spent all my birthday money and bought Paris and everything she needed. I took her home and we had just gelled with each other. Through the up and coming months of my grief Paris was my shining light, she helped me she looked after me she was my best friend she made it worth getting up every single day to see her face smiling at me. She was a huge support at that time in my life and that is why she is so special to me. She is my baby girl and I absolutely adore her!! She made my life worth living every day and I don't know what I would do without her. 2 years ago Paris was very poorly and I was distraught because the vets thought she might have cancer and when they told me that I burst into tears at the thought that I may lose her. I spent everyday just cuddling her I wouldn't let her go. Later on they found out it was just an infection and the treatment they gave her had cleared it, it was just a sigh of relief. Everytime I go up to her she wants a cuddle and a fuss. When she comes out the cage to play she just wants fuss she doesn't want to run around she just wants lots and lots of cuddles. Love Paris Love
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