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Medical History for New Owners

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Medical History for New Owners Empty Medical History for New Owners

Post by Happy Hoppers on Tue Jul 08, 2008 7:25 pm

The Medical History Sheet can be copied and pasted to Microsoft Word and then filled in and given to each rabbits new owner upon adoption, inside the adoption pack. We recommend adding the rescues logo to the top of the sheet.


Medical History

All information contained on this report is accurate to the best of our knowledge and up to date from the time that the rabbit in question arrived in rescue.

Whilst all rabbits are thoroughly vetted by a qualified veterinarian upon arrival we cannot guarantee that all health problems will be picked up on as we receive limited and often incorrect information on the background history of most rabbits prior to their time in rescue.

Please pass the details contained on this sheet to your veterinarian for their future reference.

Rabbits Details





Neutered: Y/N

Myxomatosis Vaccinated: Y/N
Renewal due:

VHD Vaccinated: Y/N
Renewal due:

Wormed: Y/N
Renewal due:

Rear-Guard: Y/N
Renewal due:

Other Known Medical History:

Previous Veterinary Details:

Vets Name:


Telephone Number:
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