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FAQ & Article Requests Empty FAQ & Article Requests

Post by Happy Hoppers on Tue Jun 17, 2008 10:17 pm

The aim of this sub-forum is to compile a detailed reference section for members to read and learn thus supporting our Forum Ethos to help improve the quality of life & care for all rabbits.

Many of the articles posted here are based on FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) which involve issue's we regularly see posted by owners. Some of these contain links to reference material composed by experienced veterinarians, owners, rescuers, behavioural experts and rabbit keeping organisations.

Some of the written articles have been composed by Admin and as such are copyrighted. Whilst we will allow text to be used without requesting permission we do expect that when it is cross-posted into outside forums or otherwise reproduced authoritorial rights are noted along with the copied text. Failure to do so will be in breach of copyright and will constitute unlawful plagarism. Articles which have been composed by authors who are not a part of the forum organisation retain their personal copyright and attempted plagarism of these will be dealt with by the original authors.

If there are any articles not yet in this section which you would like to see then please post here or PM a member of Admin with your request. If it is an area you consider yourself sufficiently experienced and educated enough to write about then we are open to posting articles written by members (authors will be noted but material will be protected under our copyright) provided we are in agreement with what has been proposed.

The rabbit world is advancing at an astonishing pace and new idea's, theories and research are coming to light all the time. This means that previous philosophies can become outdated in just a matter of days following new breakthroughs, especially in relation to veterinary care. Due to this, whilst we will endevour to keep this section up to date and edit articles when required, it is to be expected that from time to time the validity of information may lapse. If members have a question or query about anything posted within this forum we ask them to contact us with their concerns. Please do not post about it in the domain of the forum.

Furthermore we ask members to respect that there are often more than one theory or treatment for a specific problem and that people will therefor base a decision regarding their rabbit upon personal experience of what they have found effective. It is always recommended to consult your rabbit savvy veterinarian when you rabbit is ill and the information posted here should not replace their advice but rather aid you both.

Information on finding a rabbit savvy vet can be found Here
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